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Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Create Beach Waves Using Roller clamps

Pictured is the Conairpro Pro Clips.  These type of roller clamps often come with a set of hot rollers.  They can also be purchased separately as you can see by the box pictured here.

This wet set is for long, straight hair. I finger rolled small sections of a human hair wig and clamped them down.  Since you can not sleep in these clamps, a bonnet dryer will be needed.  The results are a beach wave as seen in the picture below.

These clamps also can be used with wire mesh rollers.  Please see my separate article on wire mesh rollers.

These clamps could possibly be used on locks for a wet set.

I used a curling iron along the top fringe area, but  kept the rest of the hair "beach wavy."

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