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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Charles Ramsey: Hair Before, Hair After

Charles Ramsey is the gentleman who assisted in the rescue of three women in Cleveland, Ohio who had been missing for 8 to 10 years.  According to the online interviews, he stated that his father taught him that if he can raise a hand at a woman, then he should be able to give a woman a hand.  So that is what he did!  He has been praised for his bravery that set three women free from captivity at a neighboring house.  He has an entourage that is travelling with him on public appearances from Good Morning America to Anderson Cooper.  Charles Ramsey has gone viral internationally.  In the picture above, his camp has cleaned up his image.  In the picture below, he was just a "diamond in the rough."

Charles Ramsey is quite brilliant in my opinion.  I believe people are drawn to him because he is "real" versus the "politically correct, polished, professional."  NeNe Leakes of the "Housewives of Atlanta" reality show gained notoriety from her "keeping it real" attitude from first season's appearance.

Well, Charles Ramsey has a haircut and a new image despite the mockery that he initially received for his candid interview and "mullet" hairstyling.

I am even going to forecast that Hollywood is going to cast him into future movies (plural).  He has all the characteristics of a great actor.  He interviews very well.  He is at the start of something big!  You can not pay for the magnitude of publicity he has received!

And if his camp is hiring in the future, I am fan, please consider me!!!!

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