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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Product Review: IC Hair Polisher Styling Gel

I just fell in love with this styling gel for my "Gro Protect" Quickweave  services!!!!  The top ingredients listed are water and glycerin!  Yeah!  An expiration date comes on the jar so you know when to discard it.  Yes, I know it is an "over the counter," non-professional product line, but it works!

Hair glue is not a professional product line either, but we need it for quickweave services.  So I will be sticking with this styling gel until they do not make  it anymore.  It is easy to apply.  The hair absorbs it well and makes the quickweave removal easier.

I believe that there were quite a few online recommendations for this gel so I bought it months ago, and I finally was ready to try it, and now, I wished that I had tried it sooner.  I am only using it for "gluefree quickweave" services. Please see other blog articles on the gluefree quickweave for information on that procedure.

I love this gel!

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