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Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My 7 months SisterLocks Check-in

 The "So how's your hair doing?" question came up again . . .  so I knew it was time to check in again!  I just completed another retightening. Hopefully, you can tell that it's growing despite the fact that I have been awful about taking my biotin daily and my Viviscal.
My new Consultant (my third one) was the first to wear her Sisterlocks tank, and also, did some grooming of my locks as she went along.  Her philosophy is a little different in that she does not like those buds on the ends of locks so she removed some of them.  I must admit I am a little nervous about this but most of the knots on the ends stem from my leftover relaxer.  So I may start snipping them myself to save her time for the next retightening.  Now, for the not so good news . . .

She informed me that some of my back locks are too large.  Notice the Sisterlocks parting card compared to my partings.  She wants to split some of them. As she was retightening she felt that some of my locks felt like they were matted inside the lock as she pulled through which probably alerted her to the size of the locks.  Of course, I am thinking great - seven months and three certified consultants later . . . I am discovering that even my back locks are not in compliance with Sisterlocks suggested guidelines.  I was ready to scream and/or cry.  I just had to say a prayer and give my frustrations over to God. However, I did make a decision that my original consultant that started my Sisterlocks will need to find some resolution with me.  I paid top dollar, and my expectations were extremely high.  Please understand that I do not question her ability to deliver exceptional work, but my problem is that she did not deliver for me and my hairtype.  My new consultant has seen other clients completed by her, and she said that my head was definitely not her best work.  Judging by the larger sizes of my locks, she was surprised at who completed my locks.

Another picture of my back before retightening.  Some volume, but it is hard to style.  I do not know if this is the "bunching" that is described on the Sisterlocks parting card or maybe it is normal behavior at this length.  I do not know.

 Of course, my yarn unit makes all my woes go away.  It is simple and low maintenance.  I have been playing around with eye makeup too!

 This is a quick picture of my hair wet  to show more of the length before the retightening session. Please remember that part of my front hair still has relaxer in it which is why it looks so stringy.

Another quick picture of me trying to style it wet.  Well, I will check-in again in the next six weeks . . .

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