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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Certain Hair Types can Break Easy

I remember hearing a hairstylist say that some hair just doesn't grow.  After nine years of hairstyling, I can definitely say "This statement is NOT true;" however,  I do believe that some hair types have a hard time gaining length.  Remember "gaining length" and "growing" are two different things.

Everyone can see hair growth from the root/scalp area, but if the ends are continuously breaking and are being continuously trimmed,  then no, you will not see any significant gains in length.

After completing a consultation with a local loctician, she explained to me that she recommends the hair steamer to condition traditional locks, but not interlocks/sisterlocks.  She felt the hair steamer would interfere with the interlocks/sisterlocks from locking properly by loosening them up. She did mention that traditional locks can break at the ends if they do not stay hydrated.  I was amazed that withOUT any chemical in the hair, some hair textures will just naturally dry out and break.  Wow!

I also remember my first Sisterlocks consultant mentioning that she had two daughters.  Both went natural, but only one decided to get Sisterlocks.  She noticed that the daughter with the natural free flowing hair did NOT gain length as quickly as the daughter with Sisterlocks.

In addition, I have an associate of mine that has worn her hair free flowing and natural for three years, and I have not seen any real change in hair length over the years.  I mentioned to her that straightening her hair in order to trim it is probably damaging it.  She did discontinue the full straightening process, and it looks healthier and has gain some more length, but overall, no mind-blowing gains in length at all.

Apparently, the interlocking/sisterlocking provides "strength in numbers" by the hairs supporting each other.  This is another reason why I decided not to transition into traditional locks.  I also decided to focus on making sure my hair get some sort of moisture misting for routine maintenance.

It is just so amazing that without any relaxer nor haircolor, my highly textured hair can be prone to break according to the loctician.  Luckily, it is still growing and gaining length.  I am due for my next retightening soon with my third consultant. We have hashed out our expectations; so I anticipate that she is going to be a good fit.  I will update everyone soon!


  1. Very interesting! I've had sisterlocks for about 13 months. I do not have a "hair steamer" but I do have a steam shower. I've been "steaming" my locks since installation; however I followed the braid & band rule for 10 months, after that I just braided and last week I did neither and have not experience any problems. I can say my locks LOVE the steam!

    Happy to hear you are continuing on your journey with your third consultant; hopefully this will be a good fit for you and your sisterlocks. Good luck! (Love your blog!)

    1. Thank you for your feedback! I found another young lady on youtube that sounded exactly like my story. She just suggested to keep looking until you find the right consultant. So far my third consultant has been the best. It is amazing that each consultant does things differently. They have different philosophies. I am learning a lot. Thanks for your support and following! Glad that you are enjoying your Sisterlocks! That is how it is supposed to be!