Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Vertical Roller Set

Hair by Benita Blocker.  My client and I took a trip to Pinkberry (Frozen Yogurt Shop) after finishing her hair.  She has a type 4a/b curl pattern.  She receives Regular strength True Indulgence relaxer touch-ups about every 9 weeks.  We used the teal/green magnetic rollers all over.  All rollers were directed toward the back of the head.  The setting agents were a combination of Nairobi "custom mixed" setting lotion and Nairobi Foam.  Her set starts out as a slightly tight curly bob, then the curls fall loose throughout the day.

Once the hair is dry.  There is no combing. The client just finger styles the spiral curls as she sees fit.  She rolls her hair each night to maintain the spiral curls. This was her third relaxer touchup with me.  In previous touchup appointments, we have used small flexi-rods for her wet sets.  We also used Sebastian Deep Brunette Cellophane semi-permanent hair color around the front hairline root only for some gray coverage.

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