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Phenomenal . . .
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Friday, January 18, 2013

One Month Anniversary with my Yarn Unit

Wow!  It's been one month since my yarn unit invention, and I am totally addicted.  I absolutely love it!  The joy that I feel and the heads that turn have been amazing.  People are totally drawn to it.  It is totally different.  I am loving how it lays on my clothes.  It does not tangle.  It is lightweight. It is simple.  It is simply amazing.

When people first look at me, they see long locks of hair, but if their eyes start digging into the roots then they can see that I have two different textures going on, but overall, as long as I keep my locks hydrated enough to blend, it is a "green" light.

With my short locks, everyone kept saying "they are growing."  I heard this over and over again.  But with the yarn extension unit, the responses were more like "I like your new hairdo." I say that I made it myself, and they love it!  Hey! What's a girl to do?  Smile.  Anyway,  this unit is worth $400, and I would like for people to stick with the same brand of yarn that is working for me.  I will direct them to a special yarn website to see if they can find the color of their hair in order to send me the yarn to make the unit.

For those who just do not have the facial shape to support a really short locks look, this unit is for you!

For those with traditional locks, you would have to find yarn that complements your size locks as well as a color match.

Please support my business and empower yourself during your short locks phase!

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