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Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dry your Hair Overnight Solution

 Pictured is my ancient soft bonnet hair dryer by Gold n' Hot.  It still works!!!!
 The soft bonnet is pretty large in size with adjustable closure.  From rollers to braid-outs, this soft bonnet should fit your head size to set your wet set overnight.
 The hose connects to the soft bonnet deliver hot air either on low or high setting.  It is not too noisy either.
 The soft bonnet and the electrical cord are stored in the hidden compartment  underneath the air hose.  I would sleep with the hose protruding from the forehead. A timer can be set if you do not want to run the soft bonnet dryer all night.
Everything seen in these pictures stores away neatly and compactly with the handle for the case.  No more fears of shampooing your hair at night and not drying by the morning!

Now, if you are not sleeping alone, I promise that this particular dryer is no louder than a big fan or a big heater equalizing the room temperature.

And I thought I had an old version . . .   LOL!



  1. Be careful not to have the hot air hose lying directly on your skin in case you fall asleep. The wire inside the hose can heat hot enough to actually burn you. A pillow can be used to separate you from the hose.

  2. Also, secure your rollers with a net first before attempting to put on the soft bonnet. Most people use a large triangular heavy net to secure the rollers.