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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Snow-wo-man with Hair Extensions?!

I was reading on the Yahoo! News website about the rare snowstorm that is blanketing Jerusalem.  This snowman picture caught my attention.  This snowman has spiral curls that look like real hair.  I remember when hair extensions and wigs were taboo to discuss.  Now, even the snowman , I mean the snow "woman" has hair extensions??????

January 12, 2013 Update:  After researching Jewish customs, I did find images of men with long side curls.  The curls are called "Payot curls" or "Payos."  I  do not remember seeing any men in my immediate surroundings in my life wearing  these curls, but thanks to one of my followers, I was enlightened.  My apologizes if I offended anyone by calling the snowman a  snow-woman.
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  1. Come on Benita, that's more likely a snowman. Certain Jewish groups (I think Hasidics and/or Orthodox) have the custom where men grow long tendrils of hair exactly as the ones shown on the snowman.

    The hat is a type a hat many of the men wear. I live in a city with many Jewish people, but take the time to learn about other cultures customs.

    I think it would be a big faux pas to assume that was a woman snowperson.

    Definitely not a woman, especially in Jerusalem.

    1. Thank you Bis. I did not make the Jewish connection with Jerusalem. This is a great opportunity for me to further research Jewish hair and hair accesories. I am still amazed how global hair extensions are. They are everywhere! Mr. Snowman all the way in Jerusalem is sporting some ringlets. Thanks again for the education! The best teachers are also students. I am always ready to learn!