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Monday, January 21, 2013

2013 Inauguration Hair: Is it a Wig?

Photo credit:  Hollywood Life.  First of all, for all of us experienced wig wearers, we know that wigs are constructed to look more and more natural.  I know no one wants to say it out loud, but many of us are thinking . . . Michelle Obama was wearing a wig for Inauguration 2013.  There is nothing wrong with wearing a wig; it's protective styling and a no fuss way to look beautiful despite one's hectic pace.

So why do I think that it is a wig?
1) When the wind blew, only the ends moved with the wind. The bang area and the core circle in the top and crown stayed in place.  Her hair classically would have blown all over evenly in the 2009 inauguration.

2) The parting down the center plus the perfectly symmetric sides are not typical for her.  Usually, her fresh haircuts are never perfectly even on both sides.  They always look nice and flowing, but not perfectly even.

3) The color(s) and texture were not consistent with what we are used to for her.  It looked great, but it was not her normal.

4) When interviewing her hairstylist Johnny Wright this week, he said that he could not discuss the "particulars" about Michelle Obama's hair.  However, for years, he has always been very vocal that Michelle Obama does NOT wear any hair extensions, etc.  So now, he is being "hush-hush."  So that's a giveaway that First Lady Michelle Obama is open to protective styling options.

I am going to guess that the wig is 100% human hair because she apparently wore it without the curls a few days prior, but it was curled on Inauguration Day.

Michelle Obama does not have to answer to anyone about her hair.  Actually, no woman has to answer to her decision to enhance or protect their own beautiful hair.  Beauty starts within!  First Lady Michelle Obama is definitely a  beautiful, fashion leader.

Now, there, I said it.  Now, let's move on to the next order of business:  Moving Forward Together!

Feb 2013 update:  I found a few pictures of Michelle Obama with bangs that look like her hair without any hair enhancements.  The thickness, color, and layers coincide more with her previous photos in the picture below.  So she did get some bangs cut.  Pictures from

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