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Phenomenal . . .
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yarn Hair Extensions Unit

Yarn Hair Extension Unit handmade by Benita Blocker. Inspired by clients and blog readers.  So one of my clients mentions . .. . maybe you can develop a "clip-in" locks hairpiece.  Then one of my readers mentions the "desire" to skip over the "short locks" phase. Okay.  Yes, I got the hint!!! There is an obvious market for this unit!  I individually hand-tied the yarn myself. I could not find anything else on the Internet like it! The price is $400 US dollars. Free shipping and handling in the United States.
Partial updos are the most practical way of wearing this yarn unit, but Free style is an option as well.

So you are okay with the price?  Let me tell you more about the unit:
1) It is individually hand tied.
2) It is locks friendly. ( No attachment to the actual locks and great support system to get past the short locks phase.)
3) The unit uses an ouchless headband and is similar to a "hair fall."
4) It is easily removable.  Off at night and Easy on in the morning. You can sleep in it too!
5) It is wind friendly.  (It blows nicely in the wind, and it feels secure on the head.)
6) It is resusable.  ( Yarn can be replaced by you very easily.  One purchase from me, and you are set with the knowledge to recreate.)
7) The yarn extension unit is NOT heavy. (However, the acrylic yarn can be hot on the head. Ideal for the cold weather.)
8) It is a "ready to wear" unit with a materials list included to recreate your own units in the future.
9) It is more natural looking than a costume dredlock wig from a "costume" website.
10) Black yarn is my standard color for this unit, but if someone can find acrylic yarn that matches their haircolor, then they can send the yarn (170 yards/156 meters) along with full payment in order to receive a custom made unit.
11) I do request that the construction of this unit remain a secret, but once you buy from me, you can resell the technology of making it as your own business idea.

February 2013 update:  Scunci spring-free hair clips as pictured is included while supplies last!

Credit card orders must have the same shipping address as what is assigned to your charge card.  Please contact Applebaum Salon, Huntersville, NC USA to purchase.  Thank you for your support of my business, my blog, and my desire to advance the hair industry.  Locs and Blessings!!!!


  1. Again, great job it looks and blends beautifully. You are definitely skilled at what you do.

    1. Thank you. We are all a work in progress. I am enjoying the unit and still trying to figure out ways to improve it to save on styling and blending time. Of course, I will keep everyone posted on my latest developments. Thanks again!

  2. I am now offering this unit free as a part of a full Sisterlocks installation! Unit will be made with Black yarn unless client finds yarn to better match their hair color. This deal will expire April 11, 2013.

  3. I am really, really loving this unit! I can now refer people to a yarn website to match up their haircolor. I want to stick with the same brand of yarn. It does not tangle and it drapes nices on top of my clothes. Oh yes, it is worth every bit of $400. No doubt it is empowering for those who do not want to wear a full wig.