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Phenomenal . . .
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Monday, December 3, 2012

Sisterlocks: Lock Correction Completed

 My Scalp is a little tender, but I am excited about my Sisterlocks correction.  Picture above is after the correction.  The picture below is before the correction.
 Big difference right?  Believe it or not, after detailed experimenting with partings, I narrowed down that I only needed to detangle two Sisterlocks.

I applied the S-curl moisturizer generously through the two Sisterlocks and let it sit for a day. I then used the rattail comb for piercing and detangling.
 This S-curl moisturizer is very affordable, but it does give a buildup if used daily.  For detangling purposes, it was perfect.  Some beauty supply stores do not carry this particular S-curl product.  I have only found it at Sally's Beauty Supply stores.
 This the hair that was leftover from my detangling session.
 I made four Sisterlocks out of the two that were there.  They are very small, but I will let my new consultant improve them at my next retightening.
I am excited that I am no longer slave to an asymmetric look.  I will be able to do updos, frohawks, and mohawks!  Another new level of freedom acheived!

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