Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Three and a half months SisterLocks Check-in

These monthly check-in's are good for me to see my progress.  In addition, more and more people who I come in contact with on a routine basis are growing more comfortable with my SisterLocks as they are growing out.  Some people are visionaries.  They can see pass the immediate.  Some people have to have everything "staged" and "front and center."  I am a visionary, but I can adapt to the needs of others.

Well, I am at my five weeks past my last retightening so of course, my roots are thick.  My third retightening is due next week.  Below is my one month SisterLocks anniversary.  The thickness is the same.  So it took about 30 days or less to thicken up from the installation.

Above is my SisterLocks on day one which is my SisterLocks birthday.  I have all my hair off my face so it may be hard to compare the progress.  Overall, I think that I am gaining length.  I believe my fullness is staying the same as it was from my first month of SisterLocks.

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