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Phenomenal . . .
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

My SisterLocks: Wet versus Set

 My SisterLocks feel like loose hair when they are wet.  When I get full shoulder length, I may just wash and go, who knows?
For now, I perm rod them and wear it curly.  I had to grab the Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding as my moisturizer.  My locks soaked it right up!

This article is important because I had one "former hairstylist" to ask me if I cut my hair when she saw me in my curly look.  I told her "no."  This particular hairstylist has "Halle Berry" type of hair and her hair never shrinks.  I did not feel like schooling her on my type of hair and how it shrinks.

Anyway, my length is looking good at 3.5 months!


  1. Hi Benita! Ms. Jessie's is great but rather pricey. Have you discovered any great alternatives?

    1. Hi Sierra: Besides BBD stretch cream, Jane Carter solution hair nourishing serum, and Mizani Supreme oil, everything else has had buildup or stickiness with continued use without shampooing. Sorry that I do not have a better answer. I think the cheaper products have too much propylene glycol in them.

    2. Miss Jessie's products are buy one get one free every December. Target stores are honoring this BOGO through December 15th- I believe. Great time to get a few things!