Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Celebrity Stylist and Makeup Artist: Benita Blocker

Hair and Makeup Artistry by Benita Blocker.

April 2013

April 2013

Hair and Makeup by Benita Blocker, 2013.

Hair and Makeup by Benita Blocker, April 2013.

Need a Stylist for the Red Carpet?  Benita Blocker is a licensed cosmetologist in California, Georgia and North Carolina.  LA area . . . no problem!  Atlanta area . . . no problem!  Wig Stylist, Hairstyling, Extensions, Makeup Artistry . . . I can get you ready for your next photo shoot, video, reality show, pageant,  event or celebration!  I understand natural hair too!

Hair and Makeup by Benita Blocker, 2013.

April 2013 Hair and Makeup by Benita Blocker.

May 2013 Makeup by Benita Blocker

Past events and awards:
Roy Jones Jr. Super Bowl Party 2000 (provided models, sponsored by Doughboy Entertainment)
National Society of Black Engineers' National Convention 2000 (provided models)
An Applebaum Affair 2000 (Promoter/Upscale Fashion Event)
Ebony Magazine (July 2001, hair and makeup credits)
Fashion Floor Television Show 2002-2004 (Executive Producer, Public Access Television)
The Lake Norman Jumpoff 2003 (Promoter, Upscale Fashion Event)
Carolina Comedy Challenge 2003 (Promoter)
Milky Way Hair Styling Competition Winner - July 2007
Mother's Day Makeover by Star Power Charity - May 2014

March 2016

February 2014

December 2013

A Registered SisterLocks Trainee and Makeup Artist: Benita Blocker.

  Full Service Hair and Wig Styling at Applebaum Salon of Lake Norman, NC.


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