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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Using Disposable Decorating Bags for Base Refills

All the hairstylists are just going to love me for this one. This is a "no mess" base refill into the squeeze bottle applicator solution.
So as everyone knows, the 4 pound bucket of relaxer base is much more economic than purchasing any of the smaller sizes. However, the downside is trying to get a bucket full of greasy base into a small neck squeeze bottle applicator.
So I purchased some disposable "cake" decorating bags, 12" size plus a "Smart water." I drank the water. Hydration- yes! I cut the top of the water bottle off and lined the inside of the bottle with the disposable decorating bag. Cautious, the next point is crucial in not making a mess.
You must tie a loose knot at the narrow end of the disposable decorating bag prior to lining the water bottle. Also, make sure the wide end of the decorating bag is overlapping the water bottle a few inches in order to be able to twist the end shut and squeeze the base into the squeeze bottle applicator. ( On a side note, this picture looks like an oversized condom - OMG. Anyway, I digress. Smile.)
So to recap: after scooping the base from the 4 pound bucket into the lined water bottle, then removing the loose knot at the narrow end of the bag and twisting the opening at the wide end and squeezing the greasy relaxer base into the the bottle applicator. It is now filled, and the decorating bag can be disposed of. Best of all, this procedure is orderly, quick, and no mess!

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