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Phenomenal . . .
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Friday, October 5, 2012

Transitioning Hair: The Pin Cushion example

As I was preparing my needles for a sew-in client, I was reflecting on how this tomato pin cushion made a huge difference in my ability to prevent threaded needles from tangling. Anyone who has threaded four or five needles and laid them down flat next to each other on a table have probably ended up with a tangled web of threads that become more and more tangled until you have to cut the needles out and start over. Somebody has been there with me right?
Well, by resting the threaded needles in the pin cushion, they never ever seem to tangle because the foundation is stationary. Interesting. It seems that by keeping the "foundation/roots" straight avoids the threads from tangling. Wow! This really got me thinking about transitioning hair. The more new growth that comes in; the more challenging the manageability of naturally kinky hair gets overall because you do not have a straight foundation. So the tighter the curl pattern, the more unmanageable the hair will be unless you relax the roots, lock it, or just perform the "big chop." If none of those three options are desirable, then your hair may be a "bear" to detangle with each wash.

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