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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hair Salon Turnover in the South

According to the Washington Business Journal (March 13, 2008 issue), the Ratner Company sold a significant amount of "Hair Cuttery" salons in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia to the Regis Corporation. I definitely saw a Hair Cuttery salon in operation in the Boston, MA area during my last trip out of town.

As far as the Charlotte, NC area is concerned, the Hair Cuttery salons turned into "Famous Hair" salons. However, Salon Cielo salons that were also owned by Ratner Company kept the same name, but they switched salon ownership to the Regis Corporation. So the Salon Cielo in Northlake Mall and in Southpark Mall are no longer affiliated with the national Salon Cielo and Spas. Other Salon Cielo salons owned by Ratner Company remain open in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida.

On a separate note, the Carmen Carmen Prestige salons associated with some of the mall department stores are not connected to the highly recognized Carmen Carmen Salon and Spas. If you call Carmen Carmen Salon and Spa to ask about Carmen Carmen Prestige salons, they will quickly tell you that they are not connected.

Even some of the JCPenney stores have shutdown their hair salons. As one stylist told me . . . money used to flow like water . . . that is no longer the case.

Is it the "natural hair" and curly movement that is slowing down the hair salon industry in the South? Is it the unemployment rate that is slowing the demand for hair services in the South? Is it the beauty schools and the State Board regulations in the South? I don't know. Maybe the answers will be revealed in the future.


  1. I'm not down there, but I would guess it has mostly to do with the economy which is still not 100% at the moment.

    People are unemployed, people are looking for jobs, people are juggling multiple jobs and the last thing on anyone's mind/budget is a trip to the salon.

  2. In the past, I think women would pay for their hairdo before they would pay a house bill. I am going to assume that with a cute hairdo they could get a boyfriend to pay the house bill, but now, even that plan doesn't work if employment is hard to come by and hard to keep.