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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Why Black Women are Scared of SisterLocks!

"My man wants to be able to run his hands through my hair like the White women hair."
With SisterLocks, you finger style 100% of the time. The longer your SisterLocks get the more you and your significant others can run their hands through. SisterLocks are micro-locks; therefore, they are much smaller than many of the traditional locks.

"People don't keep their locks well groomed in this area."
SisterLocks are typically a home based hair service. Only State Board licensed professionals can operate out of a commercial salon location. So many people are cautious about bringing new people to their home. New SisterLock clients almost need to be by "referral only" when Consultants are working from their home. This fact almost limits "chair hopping," but it means people have limited choices in order to get their retightenings done. Luckily with me being a licensed cosmetologist working out of a licensed salon, people can feel like they have more options in my area. Also, people mentioned that they do not like seeing the afro at the roots of people's locks. This is a neglect in grooming. It could be lack of time or money to go regularly.

"It seems so permanent."
You can grow out of locks just like you grow out of a relaxer. You have to let your new growth go free without retightening it in order to cut the lock down to about 3 inches, and then start detangling it. SisterLocks are no more permanent than a relaxer.

"I need to be able to wash my hair every week."
You can wash and go everyday with SisterLocks! Only in the starter stage of SisterLocks, shampooing is tricky because you do not want them loosening up and becoming undone.

"People like long, straight, hair on me better."
You can still wear full wigs when you have to have a more European straight look for performances, videos, and pictures.

"Do you keep adding extensions to them every time you get them retightened?"
There are NO EXTENSIONS added to SisterLocks. Your hair grows out of your scalp. The new growth is "tightened" into the rest of your SisterLock. Your hair continues to grow out as it would normally with relaxed hair.

"It takes too long for them to grow out!"
Sisterlocks are not for the weak in spirit.  You do need thick skin to bare through the criticism from the European straight mentality of corporate America.  Some people will consider adding loc extensions because they need a crutch to give them maximum loc styling.  It takes a good two years from a big chop in order to get somewhat comfortable with medium length locs.  This is the only reasonable excuse for delaying your loc decision until your support system and your workplace can handle your loc journey.

"I want to have the versatility to blowdry and flat iron my hair straight."
SisterLocks are small enough to use "hot rollers," curling irons, and flat irons. The SisterLocks need to be dry first of course. However, blowdrying is not a time efficient option. A hooded dryer would be needed with a wet set. But for last minute touch-ups, heat appliances can be used.


  1. I wouldn't loc my hair simply because I prefer loose hair's versatility which gives the option to blow dry/flat-iron straight and the fact that there's no "starting" stage to wear it loose, it always grows in "loose".

  2. Thank you alx for your candid response. Please understand that I do not think that everyone should be wearing locks. I have clients who only relax three times a year. Hey! Less chemicals the better. There is no need to lock hair that is always low maintenance. However, I have seen teenagers who have destroyed their hairlines from relaxers, braids, gel, etc. I have found bald spots in teenagers head at their first consultation with me. So my point is before any woman or young girl suffers from hair loss trying to keep up with the society norm of long, straight hair, they should consider sisterlocking their hair. Also, locked hair does grow in "loose" as well, but I understand and respect your preference. It is all good. Thanks again for the feedback.