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Thursday, August 30, 2012

SisterLocks with Relaxed Ends

My SisterLocks consultant gave me a choice of locking my relaxed ends; however, I was taught by my Master SisterLocks Trainer that locking the relaxed ends was not an option. It is a fact that relaxed ends will never lock. So can you see the line of demarcation between the non-relaxed roots and the relaxed ends?

My length still consists of mostly relaxed hair that looks long and thin. I have had a lot of trouble keeping this relaxed hair from curling up into itself. My SisterLocks consultant called it "bubbling." During my first retightening session, she was able to work some of the "fat buds" or "knots" loose that had rolled up.
Pictured is a closer look at my SisterLocks. My roots are about 2 inches long and are not relaxed. Most of my hair length (about another 5 inches) is relaxed but in the SisterLocks locking pattern. I am struggling with the "locked" relaxed end. It seems hard to keep the relaxed ends from matting on itself. I have no idea if leaving the relaxed ends free would make the ends easier to control. Maybe? Maybe not?

On a separate note, the relaxed ends have different moisture needs, and I want to keep my length for styling purpose. However, in SisterLocks world, we are taught not to put anything on the SisterLocks. There is definitely a gap that I am trying to bridge. During my retightening sessions, a knot broke off of a lock, but it did not have any relaxer on it because it was a short lock around my front hairline. This leads me to believe that even my natural kinky curly hair needs more moisture to keep it from drying out and breaking.

The SisterLocks instructors told us that SisterLocks world is completely opposite of cosmetology world, but there is no way that every hair type should be treated the same in SisterLock World. Many of the SisterLocks sisters with kinky hair that I have met and read about all complain about not gaining length like some of the SisterLocks sisters with less kinky hair.

I personally am going to keep my hair moisturized from this point on. I believe that my curl pattern is too tight to unravel, but if moisturizing my hair interferes with my SisterLocks maturing properly, so be it! I will live and learn.

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