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Phenomenal . . .
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Friday, August 24, 2012

SisterLocks: One Month Anniversary!

It's my one month SisterLocks birthday! I received my SisterLocks Birthday certificate in the mail, and I decided to frame it! Also, I am proud to say that the SisterLocks website has been updated to reflect my name as a Qualified SisterLocks Trainee for North Carolina! So it's official! I received my first call inquiring about SisterLocks today, but the lady was so focussed on throwing the SisterLocks service into the same bucket as Microbraids and other braiding services. She did not understand why SisterLocks was soooo formal and soooo expensive. She claimed that some lady in the neighborhood installed "SisterLocks" in her daughter's hair three years ago, and her daughter is constantly getting compliments. She said the lady who installed the "SisterLocks" was not on the SisterLocks website. This caller did not care about the grid and partings that SisterLocks taught us in my four-day training class. As long as they looked good for the right price, that is all she cared about. I assume that there will be others who want to downgrade the SisterLocks service, but I am going to stand firm. People can go to SisterLocks "imitators" for cheaper, but if you want your "SisterLocks Customer starter kit" and your "SisterLocks Birth Certificate," then you need to stick with those recommended by the SisterLocks website like me! for international service providers!
SisterLocks Install date: July 24, 2012
One month later . . . loving it!

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