Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hair Extensions: 24 inches Exotic Length

Hair by Benita Blocker. This model's hair is 15 inches long without hair extensions. We added 24 inches hair extensions to give her exotic length. She will wear these extensions styled to the front. Either all the length to one side or split the length equally on both sides. You can see how I layered her extensions to connect with her existing layers that framed her face. I purposely did not cut extreme layers in the back in case we decide to add more extensions. Having a solid back length will make it easier to drape the hair extensions over her shoulders for a more dramatic look in the front. It can also be worn in an updo in the back.
Hair by Benita Blocker. Ultratress II seamless hair extensions were cut and blended into her own long length. We only added a "half head" of extensions. We may add more later. Color matching was tricky with the vibrant reddish haircolor.
Model came in freshly shampooed, colored, and straightened ready for extensions to be added. You can see her thickness before extensions were added.
You can see her length before hair extensions were added.


  1. Her haircolor and length are gorgeous.

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