Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Color Service: Golden Brown Color Highlights

Hair by Benita Blocker 2012. This client wanted golden brown highlights. We wanted to completely avoid any reds. We did it! Pizzazz with a professional finish!
I used two different brands of lighteners. The Moisturcolor Lightener by Avlon has a blue undertone. The Wella Blondor lightener had a pastel voilet undertone color. It may be harder to see in this picture, but they were distinctly blue versus purple in color. I really prefer the Wella Blondor lightener over the Moisturcolor. I believe that I get less brassiness with the Wella "purple" lightener.
I had to use Goldwell mild demi-permanent color to tone. We ran out of time to perform a "clear" color bath, but we did roller set the hair. This client has a type 3 curl pattern. Color service by Benita Blocker 2012.


  1. Her hairclor came out lovely. Keep the hair color posts coming!!! I am due to get my hair color touched up this summer.

  2. Thanks LaQT/Ty for the compliments and feedback! It is hard to figure out what the general public wants to know about. Thanks for sharing!