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Friday, March 23, 2012

CelluDri versus CelluCotton

CelluDri is a covered perm coil to be used with the permanent wave process to prevent chemicals from running into client's face. CelluCotton is just a beauty coil of cotton for multiple uses.
You can see the different in the reinforced CelluDri coil and the "cotton ball" one.
Pictured is a perm. Not a relaxer. But yes, a permanent wave. The word "perm" is often used in the European beauty industry for a curly hair process. Many African Americans call relaxer (straightening) services: a perm.

Perms can also mean "permanent" change. If a client has kinky curly hair, then a "perm" request more than likely means a relaxer service. Otherwise, anyone with straight hair and is desiring curly hair would get a perm. Reminder: Perms and relaxers are not compatible with each other.

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