Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hair Makeover using the Gluefree Quickweave Method

Hair Makeover by Benita Blocker. My hair model pictured is a first time client. She had been using permanent haircolor on her soft hair; so we are going to give her hair a rest with a new protective style.

I was excited to give this classy lady a new look right before CIAA Tournament Week arrival into Charlotte, NC. To achieve her "after" look, I molded her naturally soft, curly hair down with Nairobi Setting Lotion, Salon Exclusive Designing Foam, NuExpressions Styling Gel and eventually, the Morning Glory Gro-Protect Solution.

We used three different brands of hair all in the colors of 1b/27. The 8" Sassy brand was used at the back and sides. Rodeo Neo Body Curl through the top. MilkyWay Short Series was used to circle out the closure due to the thinness of its weft.

None of the hair used was expensive. So I am not recommending the hair . . . I had this hair in stock, and I figured "let's use it!"

The Neo Body Curl hair was very soft with a lot of movement. The Sassy hair used in the back was cut down to about 4 to 5 inches. The fullness of the Sassy hair stopped at about five inches. So the 8 inch hair was a stringy 8 inches, but a full 5 inches.

My model went from a natural fro to a "diva" bouncing bob! This hair is going to have to be rolled at night to keep the curl in it.


  1. The finished product is beautiful. You did an excellent job. A very natural look.

  2. Thank you LaQT/Ty! This makeover was a great reminder of the power of extensions. It can take 10 or 20 years off of one's look.