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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Commercial Hair Numbering System

Outre Calendar photo model has three different colors of commercial hair in her hairstyle. I will give you a hint. Colors #613, #4/30, and Orange are being used. Can you figure out which colors are where? Well, the #613 is the blonde color on the right side. The back is the 4/30 color, and amazingly, the front is a combination of the 4/30 mixed with Orange. Did you guess it right?

Let's review the most popular commercial hair colors:
#1 - Jet Black (some people like coloring their own hair jet black/blue black in order to always have an exact hair color match.)
#1b - Off Black (a natural black color)
#2 - Brownish Black ( sometimes mixing colors 1b and 2 are a great blend for relaxed hair that has a lot of sun exposure.)
#4 - Brown (warm brown color that can be used as a highlight on darker hair)
#4/30 - a mixture of brown and golden brown highlights
#1b/30 - a mixture of off black and golden brown highlights
#27 - dirty blonde (delivers a more urban look to darker hair)
#30 - golden brown
#33 - reddish brown
#613 - blonde

There are many more color options available including custom matching your own hair. Saving hair from your next one inch haircut can be a good time to submit for a color match.

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