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Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

What does cheap weave look like?

This hair was $22 for the pack. It was supposed to be 12" length. However, it is only solid for the first 3 inches past the weft. So really this hair is not but about 4" long with some stringy ends. A waste of money. It was downhill after day two. Ten years ago, $22 could get you some nice, full, middle grade commercial hair. Now, year 2011, if you do not pay at least $35 per package, then you should not expect much performance out of the hair.

Also, I was watching Dateline the other night. A black hair weave was found near a skull that was buried in the desert. I had to laugh. They identified the lady as being Black by the texture of the hair weave amongst other things. Hair weave lasts forever. LOL! On a more serious note, I hope that the victim rests in peace.

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