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Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Honey: The Latest Loc tightening solution

I have stopped quite a few "sistahs" lately who were sporting locs. Their locks were freshly tightened and beautiful. I asked what they were using to tighten their locks, and the answer that I have been repeatedly receiving is one word "honey." For some, just honey and nothing else. Others use honey and a few other favorite natural ingredients. Majority of the sistahs are also tightening their own locs at home. Sisterlocks, of course, require a tool and a certified technician.

Based on your budget, you can buy raw, imported honey or the cheapest honey on the regular grocery store aisle. I was told that using honey does not attract bees. It's a good question - you do not want to have to keep running shoes on hand. Smile. A little humor. Anyway, try it out!

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