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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hair Tool Review: The Sprush

Officially, a Sprush is a cross between a spatula and a tint brush. I have been using sprushes for years to perform relaxer touch-ups. They can be used for haircolor application as well, but I prefer a regular tint brush for color services.

Recently, I added the new "Optimum" sprush to my collection. It is the center sprush in the picture. Do you notice that the surface of this special sprush is textured with ridges? The rest of the sprushes in the picture all have smooth spatula surfaces. I like the new textured sprush because I can pick up heavier amounts of relaxer and apply to new growth without the whole glob falling into one place. The textured sprush seems to hold the relaxer in place on the sprush until I am ready for it. This feature saves a few application strokes.

The company that makes this tool is called Sprush.


  1. i have only come across sprush in the last few days. i live in UK we can't seem to get these here, at least i havent found anywhere unless they are copies on Ebay.

    Where did you get yours from?

    1. Hi Ano: I purchased sprushes at hair shows. Some came with Mizani and Soft Sheen Carson kits. Others from a Sprush vendor. Mine have lasted for years so I have not purchased any years. If I stumble across another vendor, then I will post here.