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Monday, April 18, 2011

Sally's Beauty Supply offers Beauty Knockoffs!

OMG! I was in Sally's Beauty Supply recently, and I saw so many bottle and product packaging that looked like brand names from the first glance. I thought I saw "AG" "Rusk" "Moccocan Oil" and pictured here "Mixed Chicks." But look closer the product pictured says "Mixed Silk." The shape of the jar and colors look like "Mixed Chicks" packaging. Even the "Mixed Silk" shampoo was the same color as the "Mixed Chicks" shampoo. I was amazed. I picked up this jar of conditioner to look at the ingredients. Guess what? They had used propylene glycol instead of glycerin to make this conditioner. The original Mixed Chicks deep conditioner uses glycerin which is much more expensive and healthier for your hair. Please see my articles on Mixed Chicks deep conditioner and the brand Onesta which is free of propylene glycol.
Also, I found knockoff tools in Sally's. This "root control" tool entered the market about four or five years ago by a company called R Session Tools. It runs over $100. This knockoff is half that price in Sally's Beauty Supply.
I do not know about the quality difference. I purchased the original tool about five years ago, and I did not feel that it was healthy at high temperatures for ethnic hair. Heat protection sprays were needed. My original Root Control tool by R Session Tools eventually fell apart. I may have dropped it one too many times, but the thrill was gone within six months of purchasing it. That round cylinder heating element in the center either did not hold the hair straight or when too hot, seemed to cause erosion of the hair cuticle resulting in longer term damage.

In summary, please compare ingredients when considering the "knockoff" versions of beauty products. They may smell alike and look alike, but they may not work exactly the same. Also, the knockoff versions may be more diluted so you may use more at one time than if you bought the higher price concentrated original brand name. With the knockoff tools, I have not received any feedback on the differences. I only purchase brand name tools for professionals.

This was a quick review on off-brand hair care products and tools from Sally's Beauty Supply/stores.

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  1. As of 2013, it was reported that Mixed Chicks company won over 8 million dollars settlement from Sally's Beauty Supply regarding the "generic" version of their product line. This article really supported their case.