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Phenomenal . . .
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hydracap Review: Shrink wrap for deep conditioning!

I found the hydracap in a Sally's Beauty Supply store. I am a "sucker" for new stuff especially when it has nothing to do with a chemical. So four hydracaps come in this package which runs around $4.00. So about a dollar per shrink wrap . . .
So this is how the hydracap looks out of the package.
This is the hydracap after using with one of my long hair clients. It definitely caught the attention of the other clients . . . Stylists: you know anything that gets attention means . . . anyway, back to my review. (LOL!) The hydracap worked fine. The client thought it was interesting and wanted to know if I felt that it made a difference in her hair. In my opinion, no. There was no difference in the conditioning results surrounding her hair than with any other regular processing cap.

I have a few more ideas surrounding these hydracaps for salon usage . . . maybe use them for flat wraps? This shrink wrap plastic is thicker than "Saran Wrap" and the regular processing caps. I have three more to experiment with to see if I will buy another pack.

Moms, if the hydracap gets the children excited about deep conditioning at home, then it may be worth the four dollars.

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