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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Deciding on a "Hair school"

I can only speak on North Carolina practices. Every state has a different culture. As far as 2011 is concerned, it does not matter which beauty school that you choose. Their purpose is to teach you enough to pass State Board so that you can begin your practice in the art of hair.

As far as career placement, Aveda and Paul Mitchell schools feed into a more formal training program after graduation. Also, these two schools use the high-end Aveda and Paul Mitchell products respectively. High end products work on all types of hair and begin to set the standard for other product lines to meet up to.

If you can find a school that gets all types of hair coming in to practice on, then you may get the most diversified exposure only if the teachers are fair in distributing clients to everyone equally. If a student is only being given one type of service 80% of the time, then they will be less efficient in all other hair services. Also, if a school only gets one type of clientele, then everyone will be a little deficient in some areas of the hair practice.

Many schools are ran like salons, as hair service requests come in then they are assigned to those who have mastered that service in order to get people in and out.

The concept of going to hair school to learn how to "do hair" is a little bit of a stretch. If you do not know how to do hair before going to "hair school" then you will have to take "advanced classes" after passing State Boards in order to learn techniques to assist you in surviving in the competitive hair business. Also, North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Arts require continuing education for hairstylists under 25 years of experience. Innovative hairstylists should be seeking out continuing education all the time.

Congratulations Charlotte, NC for becoming the host city for the 2012 Democratic National Convention! Applebaum (Hair) Salon will be pre-booking hair appointments!!! Creative Director and Founder is Benita Blocker. Other Senior Stylists will be available.


  1. Ms. Dudley of Dudley Beauty School System stopped by the salon to greet me recently, and she also informed me that a set of Kizure irons are now included in their student kit for the school! Kizure irons are a high-end hot iron tool company whose irons are usually pre-tempered as well.

  2. Ms. Benita I've been reading your blog for several months now and found it to be very informative. Whenever there is a conversation regarding hair I always recommend "Phenomenal Hair". I myself have applied several of the recommendations that you have made. I have changed the products that I used and I no longer use a flat iron. I will be in Charlotte for an extended period of time (DNC). During that time of course I need my hair did :-). I would like to schedule an appointment with you during that time. I'm sure without a doubt you will advise me on whether or not I have the perfect combination for my hair. Again thank you for all the information that you provided in all that you do.

  3. It will be a pleasure to service you. I just returned from SisterLock intense 4 day training. I will be available during the DNC. So please call me at Applebaum Salon. I think the blog rules are strict about listing a lot of phone numbers so check out to get all of my contact information. I am so happy to continue to make a difference in your regimen as well as the hair industry.