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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Comparing pressing combs and their teardrop base

In this picture, you see two of the leading brands of "iron" tools: Kizure and Golden Supreme. I am loving my Golden Supreme marcel irons, but I have found the Kizure pressing comb to be "second to none."
Look at the side of the teardrop bases. The Golden Supreme has a smaller teardrop (pictured on the left) and requires an extreme flipping angle to get the base of the iron to straighten the hair. However, the larger teardrop base of the Kizure pressing comb (pictured on the right) can just guide down the hair strand almost effortless. I prefer the Kizure pressing comb over the Golden Supreme. I believe that both are pre-tempered brass. In addition, I found the teeth on the Golden Supreme pressing comb to be sharp and rough which is not a good combination when it comes to hair nor skin. I tempered the Golden Supreme pressing comb a little and roughed it up to dull the tips; so the teeth are not so abrasive now. The Kizure pressing comb was perfect. No sharp tips nor edges and was ready to use.

Be careful with the cheaper pressing combs, you probaby will run into some of the same sharp teeth/tips and a small teardrop base. These deficiencies can make your work harder and not as healthy for the hair.

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