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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Coconut Oil as an overnight hair treatment

Coconut oil seems to be the next most popular oil behind the Argan Oil. The coconut oil is heavy so I suggest that only coarse hair or double processed hair consider using it as a treatment. It is a solid that will liquefy with body heat. It can be greasy, but when used as an overnight treatment to be shampooed the next day, it leaves the hair extra soft! According to the "IndianSpectra" magazine, they recommend this treatment twice a week. However, remember you are to shampoo the next day so that the hair is not too heavy.
According to the instructions, this brand can be used to cook with, consumed as a dietary supplement, used as a skin care regimen as well as a hair treatment. It does smell a little like a cooking oil. Also, a little goes a long way! It can be purchased from the Vitamin Shoppe and other "organic" food markets.

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  1. If you have fine, relaxed hair, then the raw coconut oil can cause tangling issues when used as a pre-shampoo. It seems that it prevents the moisturizing conditioners from working. A clarifying shampoo may be needed to strip the heavy coconut oil out. Also, during the cold months, the coconut oil could solidify more making it hard to remove from the hair.