Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Teena Marie Celebrity Hair Look

You can achieve Teena Marie's look two ways. 1)You or your stylist should use the 1 inch barrel curling iron overdirecting hair around the hairline, curling hair towards the back of the head. Use clips or bobby pins to hold each curl until they all cool down. Spray a moveable holding spray such as "Brocato Movable Hold" onto the curls before taking out your clips or pins. Once you have curled, clipped, and sprayed, then remove the clips/pins. Bend your head down. Run your fingers through your hair from nape area to the front. Lift up your head. Spray with movable/flexible hairspray again. Use your hands to get your final finishing look around the hairline. Spray one more final burst of moveable/flexible hairspray and you have it! Or 2) you or your stylist should use either hot roller/dry (1.25" diameter and hope you have enough hot rollers :-) or wet set with the "red size" magnetic rollers. Ask that the front hairline be overdirected facing toward the back. All rollers should face toward back allowing the hair on the center roller to naturally part after drying and removing rollers. Use hairspray if you choose to dry/set with hot rollers. Final styling tips are the same as option one as previously stated in this article. Have Fun!

On a separate note, I wish the family comfort in the passing of Teena Marie. God has taken her home . .

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