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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Removal of Gluefree Quick Weave (Partial head)

The Gluefree Quickweave method involves the Gro Protect Solution by Morning Glory Products and "bonding glue."
This is an example of a partial head of gluefree quick weave. Only the back length is hair extensions to blend in with the front hair for a new look.
Removal involves using bonding glue removal lotion around the perimeter of the quick weave section to be removed as well as anywhere you feel you may have put extra glue for superior hold. (i.e. closure areas) Then just run water over the section for about three minutes to start to dissolve the growth serum. As it loosens up, massage the extension hair/quick weave out. The removal can be messy depending on how well you protected the hair with the serum as well as how much glue was used. Also, fully relaxed hair makes removal easier than natural or texturized hair. Before shampooing, comb and detangle glue balls and trapped hair that may have shedded while resting in the quick weave style. If you are planning to relax the hair after quick weave removal, then avoid the shampoo. Just go under the platform dryer after the comb out and detangle process. After hair dries, base the scalp, let the scalp rest for about 10 minutes then begin your relaxer touch-up. Every person should evaluate their own personal situation to ensure safety and healthy application of chemicals. A mild shampoo with limited scalp manipulation may be needed prior to a relaxer touchup if there is still a lot of build up in the hair from the quick weave removal. A licensed cosmetologist is recommended when applying permanent relaxers or chemicals.

After gluefree removal, the hair can be shampooed, conditioned, and styled back into your usual look! Haircut by Vickie Byrum. Final Styling by Benita Blocker.

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