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Phenomenal . . .
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Is your Flat Iron Burning your Hair Test

This is a Babyliss Tourmaline Ionic, Ceramic Flat iron with adjustable temperature. I turned it on to the highest setting and let it sit still for 10 minutes until I felt it heated up and was "piping hot."
I clamped this flat iron onto some toilet paper. Smooth paper versus "quilted" is better. After holding my grip for about a minute. I let go.
The discoloration of the toilet paper shows that this flat iron could burn the hair. I placed a black mark on the toilet paper in order to show that it was the same test piece of paper. I know that most people would not hold their flat iron in one place on the hair for a whole minute, but you can try this test with different flat irons to see if you get varied results. Remember this was a Tourmaline, Ionic flat iron. A good flat iron should "silken" the paper without obvious discoloration. Babyliss has come out with their Titanium plated flat irons. They may eliminate this potential damage. Titanium plates are scratch resistant and may help eliminate static electricity. Metal is suppose to have the ability to reduce static electricity in clothes. Ex. Running a metal hanger down your clothes is a static electricity reducer.

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