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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gluefree Quick Weave - Gro Protect Solutions (GPS)

Gro Protect Solutions is a growth serum that crystallizes on already smoothed down hair to form a shield against bonding glue application.
The hair should be molded down with some combination of setting agents and styling gels. My hair is texturized in this picture, and I used some of Paul Mitchell's sculpting lotion as well as leave-in conditioners. I am demonstrating a partial head of this process. (the back of my head only) I wanted styling freedom in the front/top of my head. The whole head can be molded if you want a full head of quick weave. Just leave as much hair or as little hair as you want out. I put a plastic cap over the top of my head to keep the moisture in my front hair that has to be blow-dried out after everything is crystallized.
The Gro Protect Solution (GPS) is then applied and dried onto the already molded hair. In my opinion, this method works best with fully relaxed hair that is very smooth. (i.e. tightly closed cuticle) Natural and Texturized hair has so many "curves" in it that the crystallization of the product is not always even. Therefore, the removal can be messier or a little more difficult. So I tried to put as much of the GPS on my hair as possible to try to coat every curve. After the solution is dried, you can layer again if you have time, in order to make sure texturized hair is fully protected. Again, the plastic cap is to prevent my hair that is left out of the process from drying. I plan to blow-dry the front and curl it for the final styling.

This is my finished style with the gluefree quick weave method in the back for a quick change in length and style. Hair by Benita Blocker.
The gluefree quick weave method does involve "glue" but adds a protective growth solution and shield around the hair for easier removal. As the hair grows out, the crystallized shield raises up still allowing air to get to the scalp on a windy day. Allowing the scalp to breath is important to increasing hair density. This method is great for about three weeks at a time. It is like a cap, but the wind will not lift it off! Please check out my removal article as well.


  1. More and more product reviews have been posted on the web about the Morning Glory Gro Protect Solutions. Honestly, I know that this product DOES allow your hair to grow without the stocking cap. However, if you can NOT get your hair completely smoothed down, I would suggest adding a stocking cap as added protection from the glue. I have not tried it with the stocking cap, and I do not know if the stocking cap will interfere with the hair growth. I do know that 9 out of 10 times some glue seems to get through to my hair when using this method. So I am convinced it is my hair texture - Type 4c. I never try to over-relax my hair; so I never can get a completely slick application. The slicker the gel plus the GPS looks before you start applying the bonding glue; the less likely for the glue to get into your hair. This product has been trial and error. The hair will grow, but removal has been a "bear" sometimes. I plan to add the stocking cap on my next trial run hoping the removal process will be easier for my texture of hair. The Quickweave is great when you do not want to deal with the weather affecting your hairstyle.

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  3. Bless you for keeping your experience real. You have absolutely gorgeous hair! After viewing the videos on this product I believe it is best used by someone with relaxed tresses that can be molded down to the scalp. You would probably benefit best from having your hair braided then have the weave sewn in rather than use this procedure. The stocking cap method may work but remember, your hair will still be bumpy underneath the cap.

    1. Thanks Koretta for the feedback! I have microlocks now, so for my headshape, the stocking cap wig works great!