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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Schwarzkopf Igora10 minute haircolor

I just attended a class on Schwarzkopf's new 10 minute haircolor called Igora10. My salon is now offering this new innovative permanent haircolor! It works by Amino Acid Carrier Technology! (much smaller molecules; quicker absorption into the hair; even processing; no worries about demarcation lines)
The models' hair had incredible shine and good coverage for 10 minute application; 10 minute development. White/Grey resistant hair may need 15 minutes processing time and/or some heat. The "Speedlift" Blonde colors are not recommended for hair that is over 50% grey. This young model was a Speedlift at the roots with an eleven series. (11/0 plus 11/2)
The best candidates for Schwarzkopf's newest haircolor Igora10 are those with average density and/or short hair. The haircolor must get applied within 10 minutes and processed in 10 minutes or it may deposit two shades darker. So thick, long hair is not a good candidate for this type of haircolor because of the application time limit unless it is partial highlights service. It is hard to apply haircolor through a full head of long, dense hair in ten minutes!
The Schwarzkopf Education team completed eight cut/color models within four hours plus lunch break! The models' hair felt fantastic after the color service! The cuts were all edgy!

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  1. Beautiful results within one hour. I was able to mix the formula, apply in 10 minutes, process 15 minutes for grey coverage, shampoo, condition, blowdry and finish with curling iron all within one hour. The consistency of the color is a thick paste. Great lunch time color service. Another hairstylist feedback was " I leave it on grey for 15 minutes and I mist the ends with water and then comb through. Leave maybe 1-2 minutes and shampoo off. Like it for clients that do not want highlights and only grey coverage. Does give natural looking dimension by leaving it on the ends only a minute or
    two." For the right client, Igora10 is a Godsend for the time conscious!