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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Don't forget to consume your biotin every morning!

For years, women of all races with beautiful, vibrant hair would tell me that they always take their biotin every morning. After reading the benefits of this "vitamin," every woman should be adding this dietary supplement into their daily routine. Apparently, if you are eating restaurant foods alot or eating a lot of packaged foods, then you may be deficient. Biotin helps to maintain healthy hair and skin!

I found a good article at this website:

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  1. When I ran out of these 1000mcg version, I went to the "Vitamin Shoppe" and started taking the 5000 mcg version. I like it! They had a 7500 megabiotin, but I really think "megabiotin" is overkill unless your doctor recommends it! I like staying in the middle.