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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Relaxer Service: From Afro to Straight

Fresh relaxer service with a cut! Hair by Benita Blocker
Type 4c hair can shrink 75%. We measured this hair to be over 3 inches long when stretched out!
Type 4c hair means extremely overcurly and maximum shrinkage. Pressing the hair would still be difficult to manage without chemical relaxation. We made sure that she had at least 3 inches of "new growth" before relaxing it. Anything under 3 inches will eventually overprocess with relaxer touchup services. So relaxing "the afro" prior to 3 inches of growth is not ideal. 3 inches is six months of growth. Say a seven month wait to allow for reshaping/trim after the relaxer.
Client received a virgin relaxer application, roller/wet set, flat iron, and cut. Client just came out of a full sew-in hairstyle, and we did not want the added stress of a full blow dry service after the relaxer process. Some of the ends were still slightly texturized after the relaxer; so flat ironing will be needed each time to finish her look. Some Texture in the hair is a good cushion for this hair type for future relaxer touchups. Hair by Benita Blocker.

9/5/2011 Update: I have posted another article called "Hair Growth: Five Months review." This particular article gives a more detailed journey of going from Afro to Straight. Honestly, if you have a sensitive scalp, I do not know if you can get the level of straightness that you desire in one relaxer setting.

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  1. I believe that we used the Paul Mitchell relaxer system for this particular client. However, heat styling was required because we were not able to get it as straight as we would have liked in one relaxer setting. However, the True Indulgence relaxer system is now my first choice in having to convert from afro to relaxed. Careful not to put relaxer too close to the scalp! You will need to work the ends of the hair as it is expanding before going into the scalp area.