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Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Containing Curly Hair!

Water plus these three products are a great weightless combination for curly hair. Careful with the VO5 Conditioning Hairdressing -- a dab every other day is usually sufficient. You can use plenty of the Carefree Curl Instant Moisturizer with Glycerine and Protein, but use it right after the hair is wet. Use the L'oreal Smoothing/Glossing Cream in moderate quantity. Surprisingly, the VO5 gives frizz control without being sticky nor heavy even though it has mineral oil and petroleum in it.

I believe L'Oreal changed the packaging of the Smoothing/Glossing Cream. It now has Vive Pro on it.
My "curly hair" when it is completely saturated with water. (Barely towel-dried) (I layered Carefree Curl Instant Moisturizer followed by VO5 followed by L'oreal Smoothing Cream)
My "curly hair" after a few days without water on it! It swells! I learned not to be afraid of water. Periodically, during the day, you may have to mist with water to refresh!

My "curly hair" on day two with a Misting of water followed by plenty of the Carefree Curl Instant Moisturizer, a dab of VO5 Conditioning Hairdress, and some of the Loreal Smoothing/Glossing Cream. Layer the products! Do not Cocktail! These products still allow the hair to move and shake. The swelling is minimized. This look is a happy medium. The goal is to avoid soaken wet hair in the winter and avoid the frizzies of being dehydrated! This hair is dry to the touch . . . But not too big! Yeah!

It's a week and a half later without shampooing, and I still have movement! These three products are the "bomb!" Yes!

Yes! Texture is in! Lovin' it! (2010)

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