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Phenomenal . . .
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Comparing Wet and Wavy Hair Extensions

One side is remi hair at $100 per pack. The other side is mid-grade hair at $50 per pack. 2010 pricing. Can you tell? I have the remi hair braided into the front of my hair and flipped over so that you can not see it. The mid-grade hair was braided into the back and parts of the sides. I really worked to get this picture. Smile. Well, the answer is the blacker hair on the left is the remi hair, and the browner; more defined waves is the mid-grade hair. Neither packages are cheap. If take your hand and cover one side of the picture, then it will truly give you a feel for how either hair type would look all over.
These are the original packages of braiding hair used for this style. For more information, please see my invisible braiding article. Remember the colored package is mid-grade at about $50 per pack, and the black remy hair is $100 per pack. I like the softness of the remy hair. It looks soft and feels soft. The mid-grade hair is a little stiffer to the touch. I have found that the term "remi" and "remy" are constantly interchanged. I spelled it both ways in this article to assist with search criteria. To maintain this curly hair, please see my article on containing curls.

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