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Friday, August 6, 2010

High Demand; Low Hair Supply

This invisible braids service cost $150 labor. The market value for the human hair (Janet) is $54.99 per pack. Two packs of hair required. I cut and styled the hair myself. (Hairstylist: Benita Blocker)

The price of commercial human hair is skyrocketing!

I just had invisible braids done. Luckily, I had left over human braiding hair which I paid $26.99 per pack. I found out that today's market price for the same pack of hair is $54.99. The price of hair has doubled in 10 years.

There are a few things in my mind that has doubled in ten years: gasoline for the car, human hair, paper products and food?

I think the demand for commercial human hair is much larger than the supply. Either people are going to be forced to buy less quality hair or GROW their own!

I suggest that people invest more into higher quality hair products; learn to be patient with the roller sets, and keep it simple. These tips will keep the length on your hair!

For the smart investor, I suggest stocking up on high quality 100% human hair and hold on to it for about 5 years. You may double your money if you can find a buyer.

It is like diamonds. They are worth a lot of money to somebody. You just have to find the right somebody.


  1. Almost two years later, I am telling you the price of buying human hair is steadily going up. The "cheapo" human hair that was costing "$7 to $10" is now going for "$19.99" That cheapo hair was not worth $7 back then so it is certainly not worth $20 now. It should be free! Seriously, human hair pricing is ridiculously high in 2012.

  2. Intresting article! What do you mean by being patient with roller sets?

  3. Many people hate sitting under the platform hair dryer. They think the roller sets look too conservative and "old" looking. Many people want sleek and straight with a bend. "Patience re: roller sets" just means "choose healthy hair practices over the sleek hairstyling."