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Monday, May 17, 2010

Hair and Dating

I had forgotten that the movie "Good Hair" by Chris Rock featured a man who would judge what kind of dates he would have with a woman based on her hairstyling . . . whether or not she had low or high maintenance hair . . .

Examples: 1) Riding in a convertible with the top down . . . wind and "weave" do not go together. So remember to keep a scarf around "weave free" or not. Smile.

2)Water sports and swimming are obviously for those who know how to swim and do not mind getting their hair wet. The ability to "wash and wear" your natural hair will be a big dating plus for this particular catch. Braided hairstyles also a good option.

3)Sleeping pretty . . . and waking up glamourous . . . without rollers, without scarves, etc. . . . This is the ultimate "Halle Berry" test. LOL!

On a separate note, hair and skin can make men "lose their mind!" A lot of men do not like hair extensions, but they can deal with braids. I believe that men enjoy having the freedom of touching their lady's hair. They like the illusion of having a princess or an woman that has an exotic (Indian or Ethopian) look.

The closer your image looks more natural to this exotic/prestigious look; the more men that you attract! It seems like it is always "all or nothing." You either draw every man in the room or you draw no men. Smile. Example: I decided on a invisible braids style that looked so natural that unless I actually made people look at my roots to see that I had braids at the roots, they just were clueless. I left my perimeter hairline out which further threw them off, but the response from both men and women was unbelievable. I had men slipping me phone numbers, and women all in my hair. I had some Mexican women wanting to feel my hair because it looked "long and strong." And all of that was within the first week! By week two, I was being asked out on a date.

The braiding hair used for my invisible braids hairstyle ran $110 for two packs of hair at 2010 pricing. I paid the braider $150 to put in. I cut, styled and maintained it. So $300 later . . .I had "stop traffic" hairstyling and a "making money" look! Please see my article on invisible braids.

The attention that "great hair/great skin/great image" can give you is priceless at times, but hopefully, a good relationship is not built solely on "good hair."

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