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Phenomenal . . .
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hair Business

The movie "Good Hair" by Chris Rock was released in D.C. , L.A., and ATL. I am looking forward to watching it in a few weeks if it comes to the Charlotte, NC area.

I attended an Essations class on yesterday, and the educator mentioned how the relaxer process was put into a negative light during the movie. He also mentioned that naturally curly hair was hard to control which was why the relaxer became so popular.

So the natural hair trend for some will end eventually, and the relaxer will be popular again!

On a separate note, hairdressers are seeing a "market correction" in their business. The good stylists are seeing "cutbacks." Mediocre stylists are just totally getting "cut out."

Support your stylist by coming into the salon to be serviced looking like your hair does not even need to be done. That means wrap it/roll it/pin curl it the night before the hair appointment just like you usually do! It just reaffirms the other clients. Your stylist will thank you!

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