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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Watch the Waves

This article is dedicated to inner beauty, encouragement, and inspiration. Enjoy!

From my memory:
I am reflecting on a time as a little girl on vacation at the beach. I may have been preteen age.

I never learned to swim, but I remember walking very slowly into the ocean trying to keep my balance. I kept walking and walking into the deep blue. I got chest level deep, then I saw a huge tidal wave out in the ocean headed towards me. I turned as gracefully as I could in order to attempt to walk back as quickly as I could, but it was no use. The water was going to cause me to lose my balance if I did not tread it slowly. So I held my breathe, kept my back toward the incoming wave, and braced my body for the impact of it so I would not fall over.

Believe it or not, absolutely no water went over my head. When the impact of the water never came, I turned my head around and realized that by the time the huge wave got to me, it had curved over, smoothed out, and flowed right over my shoulders. I was thankful, relieved, and happy. I then started walking back to shore. That was enough anxiety for a day. When one reflects on blessings like this, one realizes that God is protecting us and teaching us lessons.

For me:
1) I was venturing out too far into the ocean.
2) I was on the wrong path; it was time to go back to my base.
3) It was not my time to leave this world. (An undercurrent or the waves could have swept me away which was unknown to me because I was unfamiliar with the water.) God knew that He had more work for me to do. His purpose for me had not been served.

We all need to be thankful for second chances. Make today a good day!

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