Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hello Beautiful! So you are interested in Hair!

Hello and Greetings! I am sooo excited to share my hair secrets with you. I am a full time cosmetologist licensed in North Carolina, California, and Georgia. Everyday I learn or discover something beautiful about hair that I want to either research further or repeat the performance.

My clientele is diverse. From ZigZag curl pattern to Wavy to Straight. From medium to coarse in texture. From extremely thick density to thinner densities due to various reasons.

I have seen a lot over the years. I have grown many heads of hair over the years. I have learned how to improve some hair processes and invent my own routines.

I love customizing hair solutions and products for whomever sits at my shampoo bowl.

Secret #1 Everyone who sits in my styling chair gets a consultation, but they do not always get invited to my shampoo area. Smile. We all have choices. Stylists and Clients should be a good fit personality wise too!

Okay. I do not want to write a book on my first blog entry. So I digress here. Talk to you again soon.


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