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Monday, October 24, 2016

4 years 3 months Sisterlocks Check-in

Clean and Fluffy!

It is my four years 3 months Sisterlocks anniversary.  My locs are now long enough to wet set without any rods.  I can just bantu knott set all over.  I started to realize the perm rods are too heavy.

I experimented with the Helicopter wet set, but I found that the roller plus the rods were too heavy for my locs.  Now, I know why people select chenille stems/pipe cleaners to wet set.  The lighter weight is less stressful on the locs.

Soiled and flat.

People always seem to question my "hang time." I have a lot of shrinkage in my curl pattern, and I prefer volume versus it weighing too heavy.  In my "soiled and flat" picture, my Sisterlocks felt stringy, but they hung longer than ususal. I don't want to sacrifice my "fluffy" for "hang time."  So a fresh shampoo and wet set is required for maximum curl and volume.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Full sew-in's: With or Without Volume

Full sew-in with volume and custom closure area by Benita Blocker.

Full-sew-in by Benita Blocker.

Revamped the closure area to be more flat.  

You have it your way!

The Holidays are around the corner!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Sisterlocks Spotlight: Should headquarters provide an annual report?

My Sisterlocks at 4 years and two months old.

According to the "Spotlight" movie, the Catholic church had been covering up the fact that 10% of their priests may have been molesting children.  They justified the coverup; according to the movie, because the majority of their priesthood benefited the greater good of society.

However, if only 10% of the airplanes crashed that took off, then would airplane flights be considered safe to take? NO.  So 10% of priests molesting children is not acceptable, and 10% of Sisterlocks transactions becoming Sisterlocks nightmares should NOT be acceptable.

Sisterlocks headquarters are aware that people have called to complain about some of the Sisterlocks Trainers as well as some of their certified Sisterlocks consultants.  Does Sisterlocks keep a tally? Should there be a policing agency to track Sisterlocks complaints and compile annual reports?

The complaints and nightmares surrounding Sisterlocks will 9 times out of 10 stem from a "consultant" in "high standing" with the Sisterlocks headquarter.  Yes, the least expected and most trusted Sisterlocks consultants are more than likely the ones that get away with the most unprofessional behavior.  They will typically blame the customer by discrediting the customer.

When I tell you that my initial Sisterlocks journey makes my blood pressure rise every single time I think about all the pain that the Sisterlocks organization has caused me from one certified Sisterlocks consultant to the next certified Sisterlocks consultant all the way up to the Sisterlocks founder herself.

I have had people around the world chime in and tell me about their Sisterlocks horror stories. I honestly do not recommend people paying extra monies to get 700  and 800 Sisterlocks installed only to realize that some Sisterlocks consultants charge $50 and $60 an hour.

Why is this pricing structure an abomination?  Unfortunately, if someone gets Sisterlocks started at a $20 per hour rate and their consultant relocates or discontinues offering the service, then they are at the mercy of the next consultant that they can find outside of self-maintaining their Sisterlocks.  The problem with self maintenance is that it is hard to care for 700 and 800 locs without some help.

In addition, most "Sistahs" have told me that they would cut every single Sisterlock out of their head before they pay $50 or $60 per hour for hair maintenance.  Trust me.  There are many that have big chopped their Sisterlocks for various reasons.


  • Would you choose the Sisterlocks installation if you knew that 10% of Sisterlocks transactions go horribly wrong?
  • Would you choose the Sisterlocks installation if you knew that you could get microlocs, interlocking, and other small locs started for a fraction of the Sisterlocks cost?
  • Would you choose the Sisterlocks installation if you knew that there is no real policing of Sisterlocks?  People with Interlocs and Microlocs will still sometimes tell people they have Sisterlocks. The average consumer does not know the difference.  The average consumer will not care if you have 300 locs versus 600 locs.
  • Would you choose the Sisterlocks installation if you knew that there is NO way to insure that you will have a favorable experience in your Sisterlocks journey?

As a salon owner and full-time licensed hair professional with a Bachelors degree and a corporate background, I can seriously tell you that the Sisterlocks headquarters failed me over and over and over again without a single apology to date.  They may be too embarrassed to address their shortcomings with me, and furthermore, they may not see any benefit in addressing the fact that they do not accept liability for their independent contractors.

The Sisterlocks path is a journey that you take at your own risk.  Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Soapbox: Sisterlocks at Four years and two months

My Sisterlocks are Wet with conditioner.  

My hang time is quite visible when wet.  I had an established Sisterlocks client to come in for her first Sisterlocks consultation. Apparently, she started her loc journey around the same time.  Without her saying that she was comparing loc hangtime, the inflection in her voice let me know that she thought that her length was longer than mine.  In a dry state, her locs probably did look longer, and it seemed to matter to her.  I, on the otherhand, have been on my loc journey on my own, and I need no validation nor to compare.  However, I want to entertain the comparison within this article.

(Dry styled) Sisterlocks at 4 years 2 months.

Reasons why my Sisterlocks may look shorter:
  1. A previous certified Sisterlocks consultant (my third one?) went through ripping my buds off my ends causing me to lose as much as 2+ inches off of some of my Sisterlocks.   You can go back to my archives on this blog to read about this ordeal.
  2. I use the hand interlocking method to tighten my roots; therefore, I never put a lot of tension in my loc framework.  Greater tension keeps the coils unwind, but I prefer for my  coils to be slightly loose within the framework.
  3. I have a long face.  My nape hairline lines up with my nose.  Therefore if the measurements were taken starting from my scalp going to my ends, my length would be more accurately reflected than just focusing on hangtime.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Piggyback Perm Rod Set on Sisterlocks!

Yes, my four years and 2 months loc-versary is in about four days from now.

My piggy back perm rod set took at least 45 minutes to do.  

I oranged perm rodded my roots for my entire head first.  Then went back and put the baby perm rods throughout the ends of each piece.

 The perm rods are in hindsight a little heavy.  Now, I see why people love the pipe cleaners (i.e. chenile stems, fuzzy sticks). The orange perm rods and larger may be too heavy for any type of hair.  Although, those past due for a relaxer touch-up may benefit from the weight of the perm rod.

My loc length and my curly ends were great!  I was inspired by box braid styling  that has the curly ends. I am past for the four year mark.  I should have about 3 inches more of hang time next year!