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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hair Bulbs: Root or Damaged Ends?

Hopefully, everyone recognizes flat iron breakage by now, but I pulled this picture from my blog archive to show how damaged ends can look like a "hair bulb."

What is a hair bulb?  Many people feel that if they pick up a strand of hair from their bathroom floor and see a hair bulb on the end, then the strand was a hair that came from the scalp's hair follicle.  They feel that the "hair bulb" signifies hair shedding which could be normal versus breakage.

Well,  some hair that is broken by the heat damage can look like there is a "hair bulb" on one end, but it really is breakage versus shedding.

Breakage can be stopped.  1) Recondition or Treat.  2) Discontinue use of whatever tool is causing the breakage.

So if you see a "bulb," then please be open to the possibility of the bulb being the results of a damaged end of the hair generated from extreme breakage.  I would suggest a salon treatment for any major hair breakage issues.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Uniform Locs: A Must or Not?

I have heard loc wearers as well as locticians talk about uniform locs versus lumpy locs.  I told my new loctician that I personally am okay with "lumpy locs."  All of my locs are smaller than the traditional locs, and I still have relaxer left in some of my stringy ends.  Even the loc repair pieces that I attached to my bang area had some relaxer left in them which is probably why they snapped off where they did upon the certified consultant's ripping my knots away.

So to make a long story short, I wear an extra wide headband to keep my locs scrunched at night because I want texture and bents in my locs.  So if I have areas where I finger twisted versus interlocked, it is fine with me because I want to see movement and bends in my locs.  The only time my locs look good straight is when they are soaking wet.  Other than that, my locs shrink up and resist gravity.

So "uniform locs" should be a personal decision.  Some people want to eventually cut the relaxed hair/locs off.  I am planning to keep all of my loc length, fat or skinny, it is all good to me.  Honestly, if someone gets a razor haircut on their straight hair, then their ends are going to be thin and wispy, not blunt and not uniform.  So why must locs be uniform?

So I repeat, micro-locks do not have to be uniform; however, the larger the locs, the more lumpy the locs can look.  For example:
This picture from is a perfect example how traditional sized locs emphasize every lump in each loc.  These locs look a little too big to roller set or perm rod or even bantu knot.  So if you have large locs uniformity will need to be addressed.  Overall, this picture of lumpy locs look uniform when looking at them from root to end.  Of course, I do see smaller locs in the front and larger locs in the back.  However, most Sisterlocks are smaller in the front and medium to large toward the back.

For those who do not have my texture hair and curl pattern, then certain interlocking patterns will force some texture into looser textured locs to keep them from looking too stringy.

So again, people need to think "out of the box" with locs.  How do you want to style your locs?  If your answer is long and straight, then you need to keep your upkeep timing and methods consistent for uniformity, but if you are like me, I am always going to prefer some wave or curl in my locs, so don't worry - just be happy!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bang Repair generates Swoop Control

 I completed my dry set bantu knots overnight, and Viola! The two little loc pieces that I repaired in my bang area are giving me a lot more styling control.  I can keep my swoop in place now.  Below, my bang area was always spliting down the center.  I had the hardest time keeping my bang to the side without hairspray!  Now, it is so much easier.

Pictured above is March 2014 withOUT my bang repair.
(Please see my previous article on this blog to learn details of my bang loc extension using my own hair.)

Friday, April 11, 2014

My Bang Loc Extension

 Despite the title of this article, NO artificial hair was added.

 Above is my before picture.  Notice my left eye.  Eyelashes and Eyebrows are my bang stopping points.

 Remember the third Sisterlocks certified consultant that was ripping all of my knots off of my ends?  Well, these are a few of the longer loc pieces that she pulled off from her ripping. So these loc pieces in my hands originally belonged to me.  It is my own natural grown locs that were robbed from me over a year ago.  Okay, I am being a little dramatic, but you get the point.  Anyway, I  used my transparent thread and added my locs back on to the locs falling by my left eye. (Please see separate article on loc repair and transparent thread on this blog.)

Left eye checkpoint again.  Remember eyelashes and eyebrows from above?  Now those same two locs are at my MOUTH and NOSE.  Can you believe it?  In loc growth time, I just added 6 to 9 months of length in less than thirty minutes.  This means that the one Sisterlocks certified consultant set me back six to nine months with her ripping my locs.  Let me calm down.  That part of my loc journey is over.  I wished that I had some more of the longer pieces saved, but I do not.  The rest of the pieces are mostly the knots.  Oh well, I have a longer bang area which will give me more styling options, and I'm excited!  Full steam ahead!  Time to wet set my locs and take advantage of my new styling options!

Introduction: ColorProof Evolved Color Care line

Well, the rumor is that the original developers of the Pureology line (one of my favorites) has launched another product line called "ColorProof."  I finally got to try the SuperRich Moisture component of the line.  The Moisture Shampoo sudsed up nicely to be sulfate free.  The Moisture conditioner also delivers a scalp tingling sensation similar to the Pureology Hydrate conditioner.

As I run out of my Pureology supply, I will probably convert to this new evolved color care line.  I was impressed with the concentration of the product.  A little goes a long way.  I also had one client complain that the Pureology Hydrate shampoo smells like a "patchouli" plant which reminded her of her grandmother.  Apparently, that was not a good memory.  Smile.  Anyway, the Colorproof SuperRich Moisture shampoo smells like "cinnamon."  Hopefully, by the fall, I will gradually phase into Colorproof product line.