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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Advanced Gray Solution: Light Golden Chestnut

The Clairol Beautiful Collection Advanced Gray Solution line only has five  hair colors to choose from. This line is only recommended for up to 50% gray.  If you are 100% gray/white, then the Light Golden Chestnut color covers the gray with a flaming coppery orange color which is very noticeable!

The good news is that the gray hair is covered without mixing a separate activator lotion nor developer.

The bad news is that the flaming brazzy color is NOT a good look.

The better news is that a violet conditioner such as the AG Sterling Silver conditioner will tone the flaming color down.  You will need an additional 15 minutes under medium heat upon rinsing out the Gray solution.

Clairol Recommendations for their Semi-permanent hair colors:
1) Heat is NOT recommended immediately following a relaxer.  (This tip is for all their "squeeze" bottle semi-permanent hair colors.)

2) Heat is not recommended for use with the Advanced Gray solution.

My tip:
From my own experience for those with more than 50% gray or resistant gray hair, the Advanced Gray solution can go under medium heat for 20 minutes to get coverage.   (NO heat on the same day of a relaxer)

But you need to plan for the extra 15 minutes of conditioning with the violet conditioner to tone the Light Golden Chestnut down.  You do have to rinse the processed color out first before applying the violet conditioner for toning purposes.

I have mentioned in other articles in this blog that some of the darker Advanced Gray Solution hair color can leave a "greenish - ash" color in highlighted ends.  Please see separate articles on this blog to learn more on that topic.

The Advanced Gray Solution is not a good fit for everyone all the time.  You just need to know when to use it especially when the customer does not want a demi-permanent nor permanent hair color.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Braided Extra Long Side Ponytail by Benita Blocker

Hairstyling by Benita Blocker, 2014.

 First of all, I just learned that the 100% Kanekalon fiber can be flat ironed on low heat!  So anyone getting tree braids or crochet braids should try to get the Kanekalon hair versus the Toyokalon.  There are youtube videos for flat ironing crochet braids.

Now for this braided Extra Long Side Ponytail, I used the same technique as the braided wraparound hairstyle except I used different hair packs.

I used a half pack of the 100% Kanekalon Bijoux Xpression Jumbo Braid on one side. (left side)

Then I used the 27" Pony yaki hair which was 100% Toyokalon on the other side. (right side)

I did not need 80+ inch hair on both sides of the head with it being only a side braid hairstyle.  So I was able to blend the shorter braid into the extra long braid and keep it looking natural. This is a great protective style for relaxed hair. I blow dried the hair then started the Goddess braiding.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

There is Loc Value in your Loc Chop!

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I recently ran into a lady that had a cute Sisterlocks bob.  She shared with me that she had just had about 12 inches of length cut.  I asked her "what did she do with her Sisterlocks chopped off hair?"  She said that she threw them in the trash.  My mouth dropped.  I told her that people would pay for those locs!

Women are buying all of that Indian and Brazilian hair shaved off someone else's head.  Why wouldn't they pay for your Sisterlocks that you cut off?  Most people want instant gratification.  Those Sisterlocks that she cut off could be someone else's loc extensions.

I also met another male who had his own father's locs that were sew-in onto his locs as loc extensions.  Can you imagine passing your locs on to your next generation?

If anyone know of anyone with over 15 years of loc length who is thinking about a big "Loc Chop," then please tell them to get in touch with me.  I am interested in keeping an inventory of  "real" locs for extension purposes.  I am willing to pay for them based on their color and condition.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Product Review: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

The Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie is a creamy moisturizer that is loved by many, but I have not figured out what type of hair it works best with. Less seems best when using this product.  It can be oily and sticky if overused.

So far, I am NOT a fan.  It smells good, but I will have to keep everyone posted when I find a client that it does something amazing for.  Anyone else with success with this product and how you use it?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Braided WrapAround Hairstyling by Benita Blocker

 Goddess braid wraparound hairstyling by Benita Blocker, 2014

This braided wrap around look can be achieved with natural hair or with relaxed hair.  Depending on the length of your "Expression" jumbo braid, you may have two to three revolutions around the head.

To achieve this look with relaxed hair, then the Janet Expression 3x Braid which is 86 inches long was used.  Because it is Toyakalon, it has a silkier look to blend in with relaxed hair.  Because the 86 inch braid is so long, the whole pack was required for this style.

Last week, I wrote an article about the Bijoux Expression braid which was around 80 inches long and more hair seemed to be in the pack.  Only a half pack was needed to achieve a similar 2 revolutions look on natural hair using the Bijoux brand of Expression Jumbo braid.  The Bijoux braid was Kanekalon fiber which is less silky in texture.

There are not many women of color with this look online so I may do a youtube mini-tutorial on the hairstyle; however, please do not commit me to it!

Keeping the extra long jumbo braid detangled is the trick to this style.  I charge around $55 for this hairstyle with full shampoo and blow-dry. Optional straightening is an additional charge. This hairstyling is considered protective styling.