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Phenomenal . . .
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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Loc Start, Loc Care, Loc Repair

Master Loctician and Master Cosmetologist:  Benita Blocker
Licensed in California, Georgia, North Carolina

Applebaum Salon is headquartered in metro Charlotte, NC.

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Services: Relaxers, Extensions, Haircut, Haircolor, Consultations

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Headband Updo on Medium Length Locs

I am two days away from my two years six months Sisterlocks anniversary.

This video tutorial includes
  1. Wet setting agent
  2. Plait and tuck technique
  3. Headband updo
  4. Finger combing
  5. Finger teasing
  6. Finger raking

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Using a Headband to Create a Loose Updo

 I still have some texture in my locs from the last wet set that I performed plus securing my ends at night.  My locs are two years and five months old.  I am approaching another loc-versary within another week.

 The headband that I used was black in color, but it was packaged with this headband.  Notice all the ends of the headband are either square or blunt.

 The headband is easy to unassemble and reassemble.  It is not stressful on the locs.  The headbands seem to be made of a lightweight plastic. I do not remember how many years ago that I may have purchased this set of headbands, but I am so happy that I held on to them.

 I love the profile of this partial updo. It can work for casual as well as formal occasions.  I consider my locs medium length.  I had a bob cut prior to my start of locs so my front locs were definitely longer that my back locs.

I have a lot of new growth at my scalp area in the back, and I did not concentrate on a clean parting. Maybe next time!

I really enjoyed my partial updo because it was quick, cute, and stress-free. I believe that you need some curls or texture in the locs to assist the headband with form and shape.  So wet set or dry set prior to trying any updo.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hair Consultations: January 2015 Southern California

I have been away for about five years, but I will be returning to SoCal for two days:  January 25th and January 26th of 2015.  I have been licensed in California as a cosmetologist for over five years.  I am already booking hair consultation appointments for two days only.  Hair consultations are free for up to 15 minutes.  Natural hair, locs, relaxed hair are all welcomed.

Ready for some new hair ideas based on your curl pattern?  Ready for some product or technique suggestions?  Ready to be a part of my West Coast family?  Ready to meet me?

Just contact Benita Blocker or Applebaum Salon for a consultation in the Southern California (Long Beach) area!

NOTE: I started booking those who have previously written me prior to this posting. But No worries!  I still have some slots left!

I look forward to meeting you!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Vertical Roller Set by Benita Blocker

Hair by Benita Blocker

This look was created with all rollers facing toward the back of the head.  Some are overdirected, but all the side rollers were placed vertically.  My client is relaxed and highlighted so wet sets are the best option for her to maintain a healthy length.

Relaxer:  Vitale Pro High Comfort Regular (every 8 weeks)
Setting Agent:   Jane Carter Solution Wrap N Roll

Other wet set options:  Lacer set, Flat Twists, Deep Waver set.

I love it when clients capture their hair looking fabulous days after leaving the salon.