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Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Beyonce's Lemonade and Becky's Good Hair!

Beyonce released a 60 minute video project called "Lemonade."  
Within the first 16 minutes, she 
  • destroyed about 20 car windows with a baseball bat,  
  • big wheeled over another 20 cars, 
  • told the hubby if he gets caught again, then he is going to lose his wife,
  •  and finally, she put 

"Becky with the Good Hair" 
on blast!

I am not going to address her violent relief captured on video, but I do want to address 
the "Good Hair" topic.

"Good hair" should NO LONGER be associated with any particular type of hair.  For example:

 Cassis Ventura has gorgeous hair, but it is NOT "Good Hair" for the Loc Nation.

photo credit:

And those who do well with Locs usually don't have "Good Hair" for chemical or heat straightening.

So my point is this:  If you are trying to make your hair do something opposite of its natural behavior then you are going to run into challenges.

Beyonce, Oprah, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell -  are all examples of successful, smart women who were born with hair that probably would flourish in the "Loc Nation." However, after generations of brainwashing,  we have been taught that our hair has to look a certain way to fit in, to pass, to make us blend.

The best thing that I can say is that wigs can be worn over locs.  YouTube channel "bronzegoddess01" has a video "how to get long locs under a wig." It shows loc wearers how to flatten their locs in order to wear straight, long hair wigs seamlessly.

So leave the baseball bats at home!  Figure out what "your hair" is "good for."  Locs? Relaxer? Hot tools only? Braids?  Then do you!  When you need to look differently, grab a wig!

On a separate note, talking about turning lemons into "lemonade" . . . . please sign my online petition surrounding the false imprisonment of my cousin. He needs your moral support.  NO MONEY! Just sign and share his story!  Thank you so much in advance for supporting my #exonerateMichael campaign! Link below!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Loc Nation: April 2016 Honorable Mentions

Loc Crush:  Willow Smith

Willow Smith is rocking locs on the covers of W magazine (April 2016 edition) and Teen Vogue ( May 2016 edition).  They are starter locs!  Bold move. She is a trendsetter. 

For those who want loc extensions, I learned to use Marley hair to complete the loc extensions!  I attended the Design Essentials "Mane Event" seminar to get hands-on training in Charlotte, NC USA!

Three bundles of natural hair by Indique is how this platform artist achieved her "big hair."  This picture is not a loc related picture, but it was worth mentioning.

Also, faux locs for crochet interlocking is now available.

Bohemian Braid Look: Crochet braids on Relaxed hair

Crochet braid service and cut by Benita Blocker

My client was only around 6 weeks post relaxer. She wanted pre-summer workout hair so we decided on crochet braids.

We used mostly color 1b with some color 2 for natural highlighting.  It looks like it's growing from her head right?

I cut 5 or more inches off for this look.  I also had to double anchor the base of the crochet braids because of the slip of this Bohemian braid texture. It is made of fiber exclusively developed to resemble the touch and feel of human hair.  This fiber can only be curled at 350 - 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It does NOT have Kanekalon nor Toyokalon written on the pack.  So it is just an exclusive fiber.   We used 2.5 packs for this style as well as a custom braiding pattern for a natural fall based on her head shape.

Wet Loc Check-in at 3 years 9 months

It's my 3 years 9 months Sisterlocks Anniversary.  This is my wet check-in with Carol's Daughter Tui Conditioner left on.  That Tui line of Carol's Daughter left my locs super soft.  Incidentally, I also realized that my wet set did not last as long because my hair was so soft.  It is all good though.

My lighting was horrible for this picture, but as you can see - I am gaining loc length.

I have finally reached the loc length that if I had to, then I could live with this length for the rest of my life.  However, since I am an overachiever, let's see just how much length becomes too much!  I think that I am probably another five years before I say "cut."  And on a separate note, I have seen a lot of faux locs lately. I think they are crochet braided in.  Have you?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lash Extensions for my 3 years 9 months Loc-Versary

Inspired at the February 2016 Bronner Brothers Hair Show under Makeup Artist Cherry, I decided to put on some Lash extensions!!!!

I hope you love them, because they are too much work for me!!!!  Once they come off, mascara will all that my lashes will see again anytime soon!

I used the "Sassi" brand Lash glue and Kiss $3.00 lash extensions. 

Mistakes I made:
1) I glued my eye shut because the glue caught my bottom lashes into my top lash.
2) Glue spread too far down the lash extensions and caused the lashes to clump.
3) I probably ripped out my own lashes to put on a second pair of lashes because I messed up the first set.

I could go on, but besides praying that I didn't go blind from the lash glue, I think that you get the idea.

I hope you like them!  I did a perm rod set for my 3 years 9 months Sisterlocks anniversary.  I am a few days early, but it is close enough!

(NOTE:  I have been working on a #exonerateMichael campaign for a cousin in Georgia.  I hope to write more regularly when I complete that campaign. Thank you for your patience and support!)

I had my fun with the strip Lash extensions!