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Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sisterlocks Anniversary: Five years and Eleven Months

Trevor Jackson from "SuperFly" movie (2018) at BET Awards 2018 along me dreaming.

Yes, five years and eleven months ago, I got my Sisterlocks established.  The loc Journey was my best fit for my hair and my lifestyle.

Yeah, my Sisterlocks are have their "hang time" in the back.  

They are actually long enough to tie the start of a shoestring for a partial up do.  I keep sitting on them as far as my back goes when I am seated. I am trying not to stress them.

I still like my locs down versus updos.

I really need to shampoo at least once a month. When my locs are clean and lightweight, they naturally bend with my head.  My weekly workouts and the summer heat makes me second guess shampooing, but I think my Sisterlocks really don't look as healthy when they get too sweaty and heavy.  Just food for thought.  I am a continuously tightening up the roots every week.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Hair Industry is Cycling Back to its Roots!

Weave/Wig  versus 
Silver hair
a Mohawk
all rolled into one.

I used to think that my brilliant mind was enough to attract any man that I wanted.  However, a woman' hair alone can drive men wild.  Enhanced or not, biblically speaking, the hair is a woman's glory.  So why am I seeing so many Black Panther Wakanda haircuts? There are so many short afros, fades, and almost baldheaded women around every corner.  I respect the independent, bold thinking, but please make sure that your body is right and tight.  

Men keep saying that they don't want to feel like they are sleeping with another man.

On a separate note, the cost of living is now where two incomes are needed. Women need hairstyles that they can maintain despite the weather changes. Most women are now working women. Protective styling can be the easiest way to look polished without the daily grind of hairstyling. So men need to support their working ladies because 2018 is a balancing act!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sisterlocks Anniversary: Five years and ten months

Yes, It is my five years and ten months Sisterlocks Anniversary!

Longer Length and Lean-er Body!

Memorial Day 2018  Fun!

The need for Titanium plate flat irons

Three flat irons with different plates:  Ceramic, Titanium, and Porcelain.

I just added the titanium plated flat iron for coaser and resistant hair. With so many people receiving smoothing treatments, flat irons are required to prevent stripping the smoothing treatment from the hair.

Hair with a lot of shrinkage benefits from the heat stability of the titanium plates 
even without the smoothing treatment.

(Full transformation on Instagram.)

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hair Thickening Solutions to Consider

Matcha Ceremonial Grade Green Tea

Like many women, my crown of my head has been tempermental.  Relaxers, aging, overtightening of my locs have all contributed to some thinning over the decades.  However, I have great news!!!!

I added some Matcha Ceremonial Grade Green Tea to my Herbalife non-GM Chai tea and noticed hair thickening in my crown area. I also added Artichoke tea and Oolong tea to my daily regimen.  I consume the Herbalife tea cocktail in the morning.  The Artichoke tea in the midday.  The Oolong tea before bedtime.  I have done this for a month, and my scalp does not get "sticky" in that crown area anymore.  It looks thicker too!

According to my research, the green tea fights that DHT hormone that causes hair loss. I plan to stick with my teas.  It forces extra water consumption because it is literally steeping tea bags for the Artichoke tea and Oolong tea.

I have to mix the Ceremonial Grade Green tea in my Herbalife shaker bottle.  It tastes like "grass" unless I add it to my HerbaLife custom cocktail.

You can order the HerbaLife Non-GM Chai tea from my website at
You can order the Matcha Green tea from

Please get medical advice if you are already on other medications before adding herbal teas.  Men you can drink the tea too!

Artichoke tea, Oolong tea, Soursop tea and other teas can all be ordered from the Zuleana website.

Free registration is required for my HerbaLife website.  It allows me to followup with you!

My Herbalife chai tea and green tea cocktail
(along with Herbalife probiotics, collagen beauty booster, peach mango beverage mix, and cranberry aloe concentrate)