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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Loc Wet Set using Clear Custard

I could not wait to try something new so I did!  I used the Honey CurlForming Custard with Honey and Chamomile by Design Essentials Natural line to wet set my hair. I used Colorproof Volume shampoo followed by the new Avlon MoisturRight Nourishing Shampoo prior to the wet set.

I did not use a conditioner at all because I am not using any permanent haircolor. Neither am I using any hot irons, so I should have minimal to no hair repair needs.  I had other cream gels and custards for natural hair styling in stock, but I wanted something clear in color to avoid some potential buildup.  So Design Essentials Natural Honey was the "go to" choice.

I used a half shoelace knot in the front and crown area for the curl pattern that you see.  My Sisterlocks are almost two years five months old.  I named the "half shoelace knot" myself because my locs are not long enough for a full shoelace. In the nape area, I three strand twisted and looped my ends into the braid to hold it.  I created this method myself as well.

The three stranded underlay technique was used to maintain my length in the nape area.  I named both of these techniques.  Now that my Sisterlocks are gaining length, I will try to do a tutorial on YouTube for both techniques.  Until then, I hope my description of the two different techniques makes sense.

By the way, I decided against any highlighting or permanent haircolor for my hair.  I want to watch and see how my gray hairs are going to form as far as patterns.  Also, my hair is so prone to dryness that it does not need any chemicals in it.

I will keep everyone posted on how long these curls hold.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sisterlocks Haircut by Benita Blocker

 Loc Haircut by Benita Blocker, 2014

As promised in a previous "loc clippings" article on this blog, my client and I finally got time to capture her Sisterlocks when they were tightened and curled to show off the haircut that I gave her a couple of months ago.

My client colors her own Sisterlocks and does self-tightening.  She has a lot of hair so she comes to me to tighten the locs that she runs out of time to get done at home.  Also, any locs that get crossed up or may give her some concern, she leaves alone and allow me to work on and undo any accidental two headed dragons before they settle in.

She uses the Dark and Lovely Au Natural Curl Defining Cream to set her curls.  They seem to hold nicely.  I had been a little a afraid of the creams on the locs, but I plan to try one of the curl defining gels that I have in stock in the salon for natural loose hairstyling.  If it holds other natural hair, it should actually hold the locs as well.

I had been using the setting lotion, but I prefer a little more hydration for the winter months.  I will keep you posted when I try another wet set with a defining gel on my own Sisterlocks.

Hairstyling: Flat Twist Wet Set

Hair by Benita Blocker, December 2014

My client of six and half years has been on the Paul Mitchell Relaxer system since day one with me.  She gets relaxed around every 8 weeks.  She has medium/fine hair and more of a  4b/4c curl pattern.  Her hair is moderately resistant.  The Paul Mitchell relaxer at regular strength gets her about 75% straight which is slightly on the texturized side.  She loves the Macadamia Nourishing Leave-in Cream cocktailed with a setting agent for her wet sets.

We completed about nine flat twist cornrows to achieve this wavy look!  Believe or not, this is day three of this look.  She has the option of doing an updo style as well as leaving it down.  We try to stick with wet sets such as roller sets and flat twist sets to maintain her length.  She gets regular trims, and she started out with a bob length when she first started with me.  We partner to keep her hair regimen working for her busy schedule!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Final Review: Avlon Texture Release New Formula

 The new formula of the Avlon Texture Release system is in a spray bottle. Pictured above is the new bottle versus the old squeeze bottle.

My client's hair is resistant based on the amount of shrinkage that she has, but her curl pattern is a 4a/4b in various areas.

 My client is natural, and she maintains her own hair at home.  Her hairstyling is the results of a twist-out.

 This is another "before" picture of my client's hair from the back.  Again, her hair elongation is from a twist-out.

 Pictured above is her hair after the Avlon Texture Release service.  Her results are silky but not bone straight.  Due to the fact that she has resistant hair, the Texture Release system serves more as a texturizer. This is the finished product as far as straightness is concerned.  A titanium plate ionic flat iron was used to achieve this look.

My client and I were pleased with the final results and pleased that her hair is going to be more manageable for her own home maintanence.

As far as my personal preference, I just purchased another smoothing system that I have yet to try.  The Brazilian Blowout system really spoiled me from a simplicity standpoint, but it scared me from a health standpoint.

The Avlon Texture Release system is designed to be healthy for the professional who works with it, but it took three and half hours to complete this service.

I am hoping that the new smoothing system that I just got shipped in by yet another company will be a happy medium between healthy application and a quicker process.

Special thanks to my model/client Sierra!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hair Styling: Loc Petals

I stumbled across a loc tutorial on "loc petals" and fell in love with them.  You really need some extra long locs to complete this loc styling.  The larger locs benefit the most from this technique but even smaller locs can be formed into loc petals.

The larger locs would need to be manipulated one at a time allowing 2 to 3 hours to complete.  Smaller locs wearers would grab multiple locs similar in length and manipulate the petals.

I believe that I am at least another two years away before I would try to sport these loc petals, but for those in their fourth year or more, go for it!