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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Applebaum Hair Growth Club Consultations

Applebaum Hair Growth Club, Founder 
Benita Blocker

The Hair Growth Club is a club where its members are more focused on growing and maintaining healthy hair with or without chemical processing.  You can still keep your personal hairstylist or refer your stylist to me for a paid consultation to learn about my practice and my philosophies. 

In April 2019, I shadowed the RazorChic of Atlanta during her Los Angeles, California tour.

I decided to invest in her practice because it was the closest celebrity alignment that I could find for extension-free hairstyling.  RazorChic of Atlanta (Jasmin) is much more of a barber stylist.  She is a micro-short haircut expert.  My philosophy is to assist in gaining length and fullness so we have two totally different practices.  However, I learned some valuable tips to enhance my own practice from Jasmin.  Those with alocepia who want a tight cut . . . Jasmin is your girl!

Benita Blocker has over 15 years of hair industry leadership.

Members of my hair practice have seen their hair grow to lengths that they have never seen before.  My practice is not about instant "before and after" photos. My work requires a hair partnership starting with a minimum of a three month commitment.  Paid custom hair consultations will cover supplements, products, hair solutions, and hair strategy plans custom designed for you.  You may not like everything I suggest, and you may not like waiting for your care package to arrive within two weeks of your consultation.  You will be paying for my expertise as a hair industry leader.  Therefore based on your own personal consultation, I will assemble everything that you will need for home use and to take your own personal hair stylist.  I do not condone the chair hopping from one stylist to another. So my Hair services are separate cost.  Consultations are about knowledge.  I do not bash other hairstylists.  I offer my philosophy.  Some of my "long hair" solutions involve RELAXER service as a suggested remedy.  I don't care that 90% of the other hairstylists blame hair problems on relaxers.  I DO NOT agree. I DO NOT think locking hair is for everyone either.  I believe in custom solutions.

Why should you pay for my hair consultation or my hair panel "Q and A" participation?
  • My hair blog has over million pageviews
  • I have edges.
  • I have naturally grown long hair.
  • I am a licensed cosmetologist in three states.
  • I have a Bachelor of Science degree from University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Cum Laude.
  • I also have half of my education from Clemson University.
  • My cosmetology background is from the Dudley Beauty School System.
  • I have produced, directed, edited, and hosted my own series of public Access television shows.
  • Continuing Education has always been the core of my longevity within the haircare industry.
How to contact me?  Look for Applebaum's Phenomenal HairCare on Facebook or (hashtag) #applebaumhairgrowthclub on IG  (I do not include direct contact information on this blog to avoid spam.)  You want me.  You can find me.  I have three phone lines . . . and I do Travel.

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